Life-Writing Research Centers

Kings College Centre for Life Writing Research:

Digital Translation History

Perso-Indica: Analytical Survey of Persian Works on Indian Learned Traditions:

Renaissance Cultural Crossroads:

FBTEE: The French Book Trade in Enlightenment Europe:

TETRA (Teatro e Tracuçao):

Digital Humanities Research Centers

Digital Humanities Summer Institute:

Cambridge Digital Humanities:

Georgia Tech Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center:

Mapping the Republic of Letters:

Yale DH Lab:

Digitization of Archives & Digital Collections

Library of Congress Digital Collections:

Smithsonian Libraries:

Digital Library Federation:

Introductory Resources on DH Tools

Gatech DILAC list of DH Tools & Resources:

UCLA's DH 101 Tutorials for Students and Instructors:

CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide:

Data Visualization

About R Studio:

Network Analysis:

About Network Analysis:

GIS Analysis and Visualisation:


QGIS Tutorial:


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